How to get your own TV show…

Looking back on 16 years of conference calls, pitch meetings, keynote decks, sizzle reels, table reads, camera tests and zoom meetings to break down just how it is that I have ended up with a shot for primetime interview show on PBS with people like Bryan Stevenson, James Corden and Jennifer Garner

Daveed Diggs, Dave Grohl + daughters, Chris Martin + OSA, George Saunders at Notes + Words
BJ Novak and Kelly at Medium HQ
Brief But Spectacular
Me and my dad on The Moment When
October 5, 12 + 19 on PBS at 9pm/8pm CT

Make yourself useful, doing something hard, with good people.

New York Times bestselling author, host of new podcast: Kelly Corrigan Wonders and PBS show: Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan

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